Close Up Global Case Study

Close Up Global Restores Russian Classic with Digital Vision DVO

For more than 15 years, Close Up Global has distributed Russian films to the international marketplace.  About a year and a half ago, Mikhail Sheydin and his team were considering moving restoration of their classic films in-house but needed to make sure they were investing in the correct technology.

“We had done a lot of research,” Sheydin remembered.  “During last year’s NAB, we saw a lot of companies, and looked at many products that aid in restoration, including MTI and DaVinci.  We chose Digital Vision’s Nucoda platform with DVO software tools.  A year and a half later, we feel strongly that we made the right decision. “

Their first project was “Cinderella,” a sixty-year-old black and white classic Russian film. It was headed to colorization by Legend Films in San Diego, but was severely damaged.  It was scratched, dirty, and missing frames. Before it could be colorized, frame by frame restoration was required.

Elimination of Scratches
The project has been a critical and technical success, and Close Up Global will be using the DVO toolset to restore other titles. 

Sheydin added, “The interface is flawless.  We’ve been able to economically and efficiently integrate it into a flexible environment.  We don’t have a big staff, and the ease of learning the DVO has been extremely important to our operation.  We can add new people to our workflow, very quickly, with only a single supervisor. ” 

Sheydin has also been impressed with Digital Vision’s service.  “We are very happy with the Digital Vision team.  We’ve received more than just restoration tools - we have gotten great attention and support.  As a company new to the technology, we needed to have that extra help, and Digital Vision has consistently been there for us.”


Close Up Global is located in 10,000 feet of the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  Close Up Global works with major international players, including Mosfilm, the biggest motion picture studio in Europe.