HTV Illuminate Case Study

HTV illuminate Brings New Life to Classic Films with help from Digital Vision’s Film Master

Hollywood’s HTV illuminate has built a state of the art facility to handle its clients’ valuable content, backed with a history of accolades for post production services and superior performance for broadcast, home video and theatrical projects.  HTV illuminate offers an entire spectrum of services including digital cinema packaging, 2K and 4K digital intermediate services, editorial, sound mixing, mastering, high resolution restoration, duplication and a superior standards conversion pipeline for film and television. In addition to its proven team and service, the Hollywood facility relies upon a number of powerful, unique tools that have been integrated into a restoration, digital intermediate and mastering workflow.

A facility recognized as restoration specialists, HTV illuminate has recently completed high profile projects that will bring a few of Hollywood’s most beloved motion pictures to DVD. The Film Master has been a critical tool in the restoration of titles including; “Patton” (1970), “The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965), and “The Arrival (1996).  These iconic titles are slated for Blu-Ray release in 2009.

The workflow developed at HTV illuminate includes proven technologies and tools to appropriately answer client’s varied needs all along the workflow path.  The HTV illuminate customized film Scanners transfer 16mm, 35mm, 65mm and 70mm in either 2k or 4k.  The customization makes these scanners unique: they are the only ones in the world.  The scanners provide amazing image quality for restoration clients, as well as other clients needing 65mm and 70mm services.  After scanning, Digital Vision’s Film Master becomes the key component in the pipeline developed at HTV illuminate for color correction (both film and video file footage) for DI, restoration, and standard conversion.

HTV illuminate is also focused on mastering feature films and television shows for domestic and international distribution.  “The projects we work on are diverse, and can begin in dailies for features, television, preparing a television show for distribution or the restoration of classic black and white movies.  We have even worked on silent movies from the early 20th century.  Our projects are all destined for worldwide distribution and must satisfy stringent global delivery requirements.  Our customers, who run the gamut from independent companies to major studios like 20th Century Fox, continue to work with us because of our talent, technology, and the capabilities that are unique to HTV illuminate,” explains Jim Hardy, CEO.

HTV illuminate has built a strong and flexible workflow to accommodate their clients’ work.  To look at just one process at HTV illuminate, the remastering of a classic film, the work begins when a suitable film elements arrives. Whether the master is 16mm, 35mm, 60mm or 70 mm, it is carefully inspected and analyzed by an expert in restoration. After it has been thoroughly checked it is then scanned in either 2k or 4k for a 35mm, 65mm or 70mm transfer.  HTV illuminate has added the DVO toolset to its grading suite to be able to offer extra grain and sharpening tools where a certain creative look is required.  The result, after post-grade scratch removal and grain reduction in the Film Master is footage that does justice to the original intent of the filmmakers.  Jim Hardy notes,“It’s critical for us to manage this process skilfully and quickly.  We are dealing with our customer’s valuable asset and our top priority is to manage it in a pristine environment, with stellar tools and the height of skill Digital Vision has definitely fit into our exacting standards.” Mark Nowicki, colorist noted that, “The tools in the Film Master have enabled us to work wonders with grain, scratches, and color.  The toolset has been created to support a facility who must perform amazingly for their clients.  When we need support, Digital Vision is right there to help.”

The requirements being placed upon facilities are changing as the demand for quality content is growing, and delivery demands have expanded exponentially.  Rights holders are witnessing new ways to monetize content, and the ability to repurpose that material (often from a variety of sources in varied condition) has become a critical concern to them.  There is also increased pressure to create high quality, Blu-Ray DVD’s and a phase-out of SD, library DVD’s.  As Blu-Ray comes of age at the same time as the growing implementation of HD broadcast, image quality is a critical concern. HTV illuminate has built a strong environment to satisfy these increased demands.  Leveraging these assets requires content that is graded and restored with the utmost skill and technology, and the incomparable tool set of Digital Vision Film Master has become a crucial element in the quality-centric HTV illuminate.  The team at HTV illuminate relies upon the powerful expertise and support that Digital Vision brings to bear.

Simon Cuff added, “The Film Master and the DVO tools support the great work that HTV illuminate does for the creative community and allows them to focus more of their efforts on the creative pass which is what DI is all about.”

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