Indochine Case Study

Digital Vision restores and grades prestigious new series‘Indochine’ at the Edit Store

The Edit Store recently completed the major film restoration, grade and online for Big Ape Media’s HD series ‘Indochine‘ using Digital Vision's DVO and Film Master. A major ‘In-Colour’ Series produced in conjunction with Discovery Asia, the series tells the remarkable story of the people of South East Asia who have fought three wars over three decades to gain their freedom.

The series has been made entirely from never or rarely seen 35mm, 16mm and 8mm colour film footage transferred to 4:4:4 1080 HD. Digital Vision’s DVO toolset was instrumental in the restoration phase of the project, while grading and matching the wide variety of footage into a seamless, coherent whole was achieved using Film Master.

Mike Sanders, Edit Store Senior Colourist, comments: “As 90% of the material was motion affected, the challenge was to restore content only in its native framerate.” To achieve this, The Edit Store's team devised a unique workflow for the project enabling maximum flexibility for the producers. The restoration was carried out using DVO toolset, enabling parameters to be tweaked on a shot by shot basis and then graded by Mike Sanders on the Film Master.

Stewart Binns, Series Co-Producer says: "It was astonishing to see the damaged source material transformed and brought alive by automatic digital cleaning and grading - remarkable! The results give us a unique insight into a very important contemporary story.”

Series Co-Producer Adrian Wood adds: “The ground-breaking work of producing a series in HD using entirely colour archive material was a considerable challenge. Transferring film material in seven countries, on three continents, presented numerous challenges in achieving as great a technical consistency as possible in the material. Mike and the team at the Edit Store created a virtually seamless finished product given the numerous technical challenges they faced with an almost impossible set of deadlines.”

Ahead of the series screening on television, a 90-minute film for theatrical release is planned for Spring 2009. Worldwide broadcast distribution is being handled by Off The Fence, Amsterdam