RingSide Creative Case Study


RingSide Creative in Oak Park, MI has built its reputation by integrating with leading agencies and production companies to deliver unbelievable visual experiences for broadcast, web and print that pack a major punch.

Rick Unger, a Senior Colorist at RingSide, describes working on two recent campaigns for Leo Burnett Chicago and Team Detroit. Both are visually stunning and great examples of seamless production.

The Leo Burnett project represented the first in a new series of Buick brand spots that were to be cut at Beast Detroit. Shot with 35mm film in a number of street locations in Chicago, the shoot – led by Form and Directed by Alexander Paul – featured a variety of demanding visual paces involving the sleek, silver Buick LaCrosse and Buick Enclave vehicles against a variety of moving backgrounds and lighting situations.

Given this reality, Unger relied upon the Nucoda Film Master to give him the creative and technical muscle they would need to cut mattes for isolating color grading on the silver cars and, ultimately, separate the sheet metal from the background. 


“I don’t know of any other toolset that could perform the way that the Film Master did,” said Unger.  “We were able to cut perfect mattes, import additional mattes cut in the Flame and Smoke, manipulate the color, background, light and sheen of the cars and achieve a very distinctive liquid metal look that the creative’s were going for.”

For Team Detroit, Unger worked on Lincoln MKS spots featuring David Wright of the New York Mets. As pioneers of the multi-format post production process, RingSide was well prepared to combine high speed Phantom (440 fps), RED 4K and 35mm film shot by Avalon Films and Director Larry August.

“These spots were a blast to work on,” said Unger. “We know film is beautiful, and the Phantom creates absolutely amazing images. We were also very impressed with the RED Raw footage, which was gorgeous.

All the footage was loaded on our server, the EDL came in from editorial, and we were able to blend images from three completely different sources in the Film Master. It was seamless.”

RingSide Creative embraced the challenge to hit significant and demanding visual marks and in both cases, Film Master proved its value. 

“Film Master has been instrumental in helping us achieve our clients’ goals,” said Unger.  “The power of the color grading tools are outstanding, and there are a number of important pieces to the puzzle, like its visual effects capabilities that help us do our best work.”