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The original Golden Eye Film Scanner was first developed 20 years ago and is now used within image specialist applications for the military. The Golden Eye 127 has been specifically developed for rapid film digitization of large format data films providing incredible detail and precision for air defence surveillance and reconnaissance. For large volume military film archives the next generation Golden Eye III scanner with new LED light source provides high resolution scanning, allowing all film content to be securely and cost effectively digitized for storage or repurposing. For improved picture quality the Golden Eye scanners can also integrate with the Phoenix restoration software solutions for industry leading image enhancement and renovation of damaged or dirty film.

Turbine Golden Eye Film Scanner


GOLDEN EYE III is the optimal high resolution scanning solution for archive and restoration, handling negative, print and intermediate in all major film formats (16 / 35 / 70 as well as 8 mm) at 2k and 4k resolution.


The Golden Eye 127 is especially developed to rapidly digitize film from high resolution airborne reconnaissance cameras, handling 127mm film using a capstan drive mechanism for smooth, continuous movement.

GOLDEN EYE Film Cleaner

The Golden Eye Film Cleaner is used for non-liquid cleaning of multiple film formats including
16 / 35 / 70 / 127 mm.