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With over 20 years of research and development the Digital Vision Optics (DVO) software tools have become one of the most revered toolsets in the post production industry. Known for presenting the best image manipulation tools for restoration, enhancement and format conversion, they are only available on the Nucoda and Phoenix platforms.

DVO Restore: Repair and renovate media ready for repurposing.

The Cove (Final Frame)
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DVO Dust

Allergic to dust?

“Dust busting” manually is hugely time consuming and expensive. Because DVO Dust works automatically and intelligently, it can turn in excellent results around ten times faster than a manual operator - without the artefacts some algorithms leave behind. DVO Dust’s algorithm is a third generation system utilising a pioneering set of processing algorithms, Digital Vision’s Emmy Award-winning PHAME™ motion estimation technology and new motion compensated filters.


Degraded film first aid?

Quickly selects and automatically repairs minor and major imperfections associated with degraded film, such as blotches, staining and physical damage. Using a brush or shape tool for selection, DVO Fix automatically fills in with motion and grain-compensated imagery for seamless results, greatly improving both image quality and speed of operation over traditional methods of copying and re-positioning content from adjacent frames.

DVO Print Align

Need to align your film separations?

DVO Print Align uses a fully automatic process to align RGB separation prints, even if the offset varies over time.

DVO Scratch

Long vertical scratches to remove?

DVO Scratch handles vertical/continuous scratches typically not being detected by dust/dirt removers, which are looking for random defects in the picture. The process is fully automatic with an advanced detection andwith a fill-in result far superior to the normal process of hiding the defect using information from both sides of the scratch.

DVO Flicker

Need flicker-free pictures?

Image flicker are brightness fluctuations and could be casued by a number of factors; varying exposure time, non synchronised light sources, telecine transfer, aging film and film chemical related issues. DVO Flicker deals with these issues automatically producing a flicker-free viewing experience.

DVO Steady

Need to wave goodbye to film weave?

Unsteady pictures can orginate from film scanning or camera shakes during capture. DVO Steady uses an automatic two pass solution for a better separation between the unwanted instability and the pan/tilt movements from the original capture.