Digital Vision at the 2011 HPA Tech Retreat Feb. 14-18

The Leading Edge and Open EXR Workflow – The Benefits of Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) within a Postproduction Pipeline – Precision Preview

In concert with the standardization efforts of the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and the unsurpassed precision and quality demanded of deliverables today, Digital Vision has pioneered a color finishing workflow with true HDR support using 16 bit "Half Float" OpenEXRs as intermediate file format. Now, high dynamic range content can be graded in "full floating point," in real-time without any pre-conversions. Hence, there is no loss of dynamic range or precision while rendering and previewing at the intended delivery format.

Explore the process and power of HDR grading on Nucoda Film Master and the new Dolby® Professional Reference Monitor, while learn how the team at Hydraulx re-invented the entire post process for Skyline, from start to finish, in OpenEXR/HDR.  That decision made Skyline the first live action motion picture DI to entirely finished in EXR/HDR.

Senior Colorist Adam Hawkey will showcase the next generation Precision panel developed in conjunction with renowned colorists and a leading industrial design house. more

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Nucoda Film Master. Recipient of the 2010 Engineering Excellence Award for its High Dynamic Range pipeline.

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