See us at BVE in London Feb 14-16

Image Systems’ Phoenix range of software products provides the ultimate in video, film and digital restoration tools for archives and content owners. The company’s Nucoda software portfolio incorporates a suite of colour grading and finishing solutions used in film and television post production, whilst its Golden Eye film scanners provide optimal high resolution scanning for DI, archive and restoration, handling negative, print and intermediate in all major film formats. These award-winning products are a standard of the media and entertainment industry and are deployed at top facilities around the world.

Witness why customers including BBC, Aardman Animation, Narduzzo Too, [email protected], Deluxe 142, Directors Cut, TVC Soho, M8, The Farm, The Mill, Rushes, Egg Post Production, Azimuth, Screen Scene, Big Bang, Clear Cut Pictures, Double Negative, Halo and many others have invested in Image Systems’ portfolio.

Highlights for Broadcast Video Expo 2012:

Phoenix: the industry’s premium film, video and digital restoration and mastering solution.
Phoenix is unique as it’s the only high-end restoration and mastering solution that provides film, video and file-based restoration tools allowing users to get the most from their film and digital archives. Working in 64-bit Phoenix significantly improves speed and performance when restoring memory intensive projects. The system has been used recently by facilities including Éclair who restored Pathé’s 1940s French masterpiece Les Enfants du Paradis, Mars Motel who restored the iconic film Autumn Sonata starring Ingrid Bergman and Deluxe 142 who are rescuing the Hitchcock 9.

Precision grading panel: the next-generation of integrated work surfaces for Nucoda grading and finishing solutions

Shipping to more than 50 customers worldwide, the next generation Precision control surface for the Nucoda grading solutions features five high resolution touch screens with unique menu navigation and toolset control. At BVE, discover the latest version of Nucoda, which now includes new features for the Precision grading panel.

Stand no:  M40. To book a demo please contact [email protected]