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Ingemar Andersson 
Örebro, born 1951

Chairman of the board since May 2011 (and of Image Systems Sweden since 2010). Former Deputy CEO of Saab AB, owner of consultancy company with focus on business development, strategy, marketing and management issues for Swedish and international industry. Education: Several management courses, Major in the Swedish Army Reserve. Other board assignments: Chairman of Partnertech Karlskoga AB and Chairman of Protaurius AB. Shareholding: 0


Gert Schyborger
born 1940

Member of the board since 2006. Chairman of the board until October 3 2008. Education: MBA and Miltary Officer. Other board assignments: Chairman of HP Tech AB and Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB, member of Hawker Pacific Ltd, Novator AB och Rote Consulting AB. Shareholding: 0

Hans Isoz
Stockholm, born 1972

Member of the board since 2010 and CEO of the company since January 2012. Education: MBA in Finance and Officer in the reserve S1. Other board assignments: Chairman of the board of Lägenhetsbyte AB and Expericard AB, Member of the board of S4K Research AB, Homeenter, Bonnier Gaming, Soft Capital Investment and Bonnier Lottery. Shareholding: 1000000


Steven J Murray
Andover, MA, USA, born 1968

Steven J Murray is partner of SOFTBANK Capital and CFO at SOFTBANK global activities outside Japan. Steven J Murray is member of the board of Webhire, National Leisure Group, Viacore, BERJ and Anystream. Shareholding: 0


Deloitte AB, with Svante Forsberg, born 1952, Authorised Public Accountant, as principal auditor since 2006.

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