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With over 20 years of research and development the Digital Vision Optics (DVO) software tools have become one of the most revered toolsets in the post production industry. Known for presenting the best image manipulation tools for restoration, enhancement and format conversion, they are only available on the Nucoda and Phoenix platforms.

DVO Convert: Create content in any format for any delivery platform, whilst retaining the original quality.

The Cove (Final Frame)
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DVO Upscale

Need HD when you’ve only got SD?

Optimised upscaling of material, of specific value when converting from SD to HD, the algorithm maintains the high quality of edges (particularly diagonals).

DVO Deinterlace

Need a film look from interlaced video?

Accurately creates progressive frames from interlaced video orginated material. The de-interlacer can maintain the fluid motion present in video (e.g. 50p delivery from a 50i source) or create a film look (e.g. 25p delivery from a 50i source).

DVO Twister

Footage always in the wrong standard?

Standards conversion relies on the process of interpolating picture content, creating images that did not exist in the original material, either because you need extra or less pictures.