The new Precision control panel represents the next-generation of integrated work surfaces for Nucoda grading and finishing solutions. As a comprehensive colour-correction system for file-based image processing, the new panel offers unprecedented flexibility and dramatically improves the performance and productivity of colourists. Read about Precision in more detail


CONTROL - Full integration with Nucoda functionality, with all major functions and tools available directly from the panel surface, via a unique combination of tactile controls, buttons and integrated touch-sensitive panels - an industry first.

EFFICIENCY - Enhanced ergonomics and intuitive layout that enables all control functions to be accessed quickly and easily for increased productivity.

CREATIVITY - The artistic freedom that lets colourists fully customise their toolset to work intuitively and follow an imaginative workflow.


Precision has been designed by colourists for use by colourists; every panel detail is built for real-life application in a busy, creative grading suite. Unique to Precision is a modular design based on a trio of complementary panels - Colour, Transport and Touch - that let operators create an optimised setup to suit their own environment and favourite ways of working

The new sleek low profile and hard wearing, non-glare surface ensures a superior look and feel.

All rotary controls, buttons and joysticks are of the highest manufacturing quality, and were selected to provide a long life and adjustable sensitivity.

The brightness and colour of all illuminated controls can be adjusted to better suit the ambient conditions of a DI suite. Precision also provides dimmable script lights along each side of the panel, as well as built-in audio feedback that offers an additional level of configurable response and user control.







A unique combination of touch screens plus traditional pushbutton and joystick controllers now enables colourists to enjoy immediate access to all of Nucoda‘s powerful tools, thereby letting them focus on creativity and deliver what the customer wants.

The touch screens built into the fully-configured Precision provide the operator with a revolutionary world of menu navigation, image manipulation and instrument control, with the potential of having five different tools in use simultaneously.


PRECISION | Transport

The Transport panel has a single, touch enabled tool screen, a high sensitivity jog and shuttle control for effortless and accurate operation and extended transport controls. Effect layers can be added and navigated with a single touch. All keys are logically grouped based on function.

PRECISION | Colour Panel

To provide smooth and highly responsive control for increased accuracy, three of the high-resolution Trackballs and Rings are assigned to grading while the fourth controls Shape/Cursor/Pan&Scan. The trackballs can be configured for left or right handed use. Dedicated keys are grouped logically to allow access to tracking, notes and shape

PRECISION | Touch Panel

The Touch panel has a single, touch enabled tool screen plus a large-format, high-resolution Wacom display tablet interface that can be navigated via either user-programmable finger-touch or tablet/pen modes. It offers a full range of interactive controls and settings. Different operational modes enable flexible and adaptable designs and software expansion, including the virtual keyboard, integrated online help and tablet modes.


For more information on the Precision panel and to book a demonstration please contact your local Image Systems office or email [email protected].