Nucoda continues to raise benchmark for premium grading with 64-bit software release

London, UK, 15th December 2011 Image Systems continues to move its colour grading software technology forward increasing creativity and productivity in DI by delivering a flexible file-based workflow. Nucoda 2011.2 is now a 64-bit only application giving greatly increased performance particularly when using memory intensive tools such as the industry standard DVO image processing toolset. 

The software includes a number of enhancements and refinements to the user interface as well as new features for the Precision grading panel. The introduction of a project storage feature speeds up project handling and enhancements to the backup process gives increased confidence to users.

There are also enhancements for file import and export including support for the ProRes codec from Apple. In addition to the existing support for importing ProRes, Nucoda now allows users to export files in any ProRes resolution particularly benefiting workflows utilising the ARRI Alexa camera and Final Cut Pro. For a complete ProRes workflow Nucoda can now provide an end-to-end solution without the need to encode on an intermediate workstation.

The new software has been used by a number of colourists on key projects in the run up to this launch. Freelance Colourist Jack Jones who recently completed the grade for the second series of Sadie J for CBBC says, “The recent updates and changes in Nucoda 2011.2 are fast, stable and strong. ProRes QuickTime is simple to create and the speed at which it exports is incredible. One of the main highlights is that there are no gamma issues - what you grade is what you get. Projects load and save very quickly. Fantastic work!”

Egg Post Production colourist Sebastian Guest adds, “The addition of ProRes - especially ProRes 4444 - as an export feature has proven indispensable and has allowed us to implement an in-house pipeline from rushes to final delivery that is both efficient and pristine. Performance, particularly when dealing with large or complex projects, has been noticeably enhanced.  Another very useful feature is the finer control over cache locations and the ability to cache RED source at output resolution irrespective of debayer settings."

Nucoda users can now select any layer to create intermediate caches. New tools available directly from the Precision panel manage and replace cached material on the timeline when the original material has been changed or updated. The software’s stereo workflow includes greater control over the monitoring of tracks. New assignable Left, Right and mono tracks allow stereo compositing and flexible monitoring options to ensure the user only sees what he needs to.

Further enhancements include new AAF export options and AAF audio support as well as support for Sapphire 6.0 and the new Sapphire Preset browser. Nigel Hadley, Nucoda Senior Product Manager concludes, “Listening to the requirements of our customers we have delivered the most robust and dynamic grading system on the market. Nucoda offers the user a highly revered toolset providing a file-based workflow that simplifies procedures whilst enabling greater creative freedom backed up with first-class professional support”.

2011.2 Features and Benefits

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