Welcome to Image Systems - Motion

The TEMA software platform provides a range of user configurable, high-speed motion analysis solutions for industrial research, design, testing and safety assessment applications

Winning solutions for motion analysis

Research of the motion of the human body has the greatest video based tracking tool on the market in TEMA Motion. Motion analysis studies of biomechanical applications have never been easier.

Control behavior and predict performance

With over 25 years of experience in the defence industry, our extensive knowledge of applications and test methods for motion analysis ensures the best solution for all customers in the defence sector.

Securing passenger and pedestrian safety

Automotive motion analysis is the perfect way of increasing the safety for the driver and passengers, as well as developing new solutions to be competitive against other car and car components manufacturers.

Flexible testing tools to improve quality

The wide range of motion analysis applications available in the TEMA software makes it a perfect tool for any designer in the testing process of almost any industry.

Highly useful tools for the Research Industry

By recording and measuring high-speed events that the eye cannot see, motion analysis can significantly shorten the development cycle for new products as well as reducing cost.