Mars Motel restores Bergmans classic Autumn Sonata with Digital Visions Phoenix Finish

London, UK, 1 December 2010 – Digital Vision has today announced that its Phoenix Finish restoration solution was used by world leading Swedish restoration facility, Mars Motel to restore Ingmar Bergman’s iconic film Autumn Sonata. Mars Motel, who purchased the Phoenix Finish system in September, is part of The Chimney Pot post production house.

Mars Motel’s Mats Forsberg used Phoenix Finish to clean up dirt and dust and to remove scratches from the 1978 feature, which stars Ingrid Bergman. Forsberg explains, “Considering the film is more than 30 years old it wasn’t too badly damaged. Phoenix Finish’s Scratch and Clone painting tools allowed me to easily fix a number of scenes with vertical scratches that would have otherwise have been more difficult to remove. I used DVO Dust, Fix and Steady for the majority of the project to achieve a pristine finish.”

Forsberg also highlights Phoenix Finish’s levels of automation as being key to completing the project in the desired timescale, “Phoenix Finish brought speed and flexibility to the project and because many of the processes are automatic I didn’t need to spend time setting up parameters. The client was delighted with the result. The film looks like new.”

Phoenix Finish is a complete restoration, re-mastering and repackaging solution focused on creating the highest quality deliverables from film or tape-based materials. Ideal for DI, restoration and archive workflows, Phoenix Finish combines the best in automated, semi-automated and manual restoration tools, with strong editorial and mastering features providing ingest, conform, editing, colour grading and a comprehensive set of delivery formats.

Bengt Broman, Digital Vision’s CEO says, “We are delighted to announce this sale to Mars Motel who is a major player in the restoration field. By using Phoenix Finish - with the inclusion of Digital Vision’s awarding-winning DVO image processing software tools – facilities such as Mars Motel never have to compromise on image quality.”

Autumn Sonata, which tells the story of a difficult relationship between a mother and her two daughters, achieved huge box office success in its day and was the winner of a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1979 Golden Globe Awards.