Speed,  Efficiency, Creativity 

Developed in conjunction with renowned colourists and a leading industrial design house, the Precision panel is the next generation integrated control surface for the Nucoda grading and Phoenix restoration solutions. The Precision panel uniquely offers ease of navigation for improved speed of operation, but also has a stylish look and feel that a premium grading suite deserves. Combining new touch screen operation with traditional controller elements, users can access Digital Vision’s latest innovative toolsets and features not available with other grading solutions and generic colour panels.

For more information on the Precision panel and to book a demonstration please contact your local Digital Vision office or email [email protected]digitalvision.se

Precision Panel


Combining five separate touch screens with traditional button and joystick control, colourists and restoration artists can now enjoy the ultimate flexibility of a control panel that works the way they want. 

  • Sleek low profile with hard wearing, comfortable and non-glare surface
  • Intuitive layout for ease of operation and skill transfer from other surfaces
  • High resolution colour screens with touch enabled operation for increased flexibility and gestural control
  • Best in class 3-axis trackballs for increased accuracy, with enhanced grip and light ring rotation
  • Soft touch durable key switches for quick operation
  • Adjustable key illumination set to your preference for your suite
  • Rocker switches and unique 3-in-1 joystick controllers for fine adjustment or easy list selection complementing the touch screens


Precision has four tool areas that are used to control Colour, DVO, FX and P&S tools, split across three separate function panels which can be configured for either left or right handed operators for ultimate control and creativity.


  • Tactile surface for grading and toolset control designed to be powerful stand-alone
    unit for Nucoda Fuse and Phoenix software applications
  • Two touch enabled tool screens for speed and flexibility of tool/layer navigation


  • Single touch enabled tool screen for interactive control and settings
  • Includes large format combined touch screen and tablet with space saving touch keyboard


  • Single touch enabled tool screen for interactive control and settings
  • Full jog/shuttle transport/timeline control and functionality

* Colour panel works stand alone with Nucoda Film Master, Nucoda HD, Nucoda Fuse and Phoenix Finish software applications